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Fitness ANd Nutrition Coaching For Women Lose weight and learn how to keep it off for life ... finally!

Exercises that work, customized for you
Understanding foods that work for you,       not against you
Habits and accountability that you will stick with
Success stories

Dianne W. 50's, in -home caregiver 
 "I was happy with the time and care Cindy took with me as I have such a busy schedule. She gave me so many food tips that really helped with my energy. Cindy stayed in touch throughout the whole process encouraging me each step of the way. I feel I now have the right tools to succeed in reaching my weight loss goals and keeping it off forever. 
I would recommend Cindy to anyone who needs to lose weight or get in better shape.
Sheila K. 50's, at home mom
I wanted to make regular, formal exercise a part of my routine to better my health as I age. I was never really successful at my attempts in the past, partly due to time, and partly just not being able to stick with it. I didn’t know what to do or how. 
 I appreciate Cindy's gentle encouragement to challenge myself and the accountability she provides has been significant.
I definitely think having Cindy as a trainer is worth the investment and I would recommend Cindy to anyone wanting to improve their health, fitness or lose weight.
This is me! Cindy D., in my 50's
"When I was in my 40's, I decided I was going to put a stop to the steady weight gain I was experiencing and get my body back to where I felt good about myself again. I was not 'overweight' but getting close. Through dietary habit changes and a daily exercise routine, I lost 20 pounds in 8 months. Not a fast weight loss, but a healthy sustainable approach for my size. Now my passion is to help other women feel better about the way they look and feel. We deserve to have confidence in how we look and what our body is capable of. Strength, mobility and balance are all important aspects of healthy aging, and I make it a priority for myself and my clients."