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Are you unhappy and discontent with a body that isn't what it used to be?
Are you feeling out of shape?
Dealing with aches and pains that prevent you from feeling your best?
Discouraged with menopausal weight gain that doesn't seem to budge no matter what you do?
You've spent your life taking care of everyone else's needs first. Is it time to take charge of your own health and body and re-claim your life?
Do you want to feel well, like what you see in the mirror, and enjoy life a little more?
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During our consultation, we'll have a chance to get to know each other better. What are the problems you've been having and want to solve? How long have you been struggling? What do you need help with? And how can I help?
I have several options available for getting started depending on what's best for your situation. I currently offer complete programs in which you'll get everything you need to achieve the best results possible to reach your goal. You will get a personal coach, an exercise program that's right for you now and changes as you do, nutrition coaching and education, and the support and accountability that keeps you motivated and progressing forward. I'm committed to help you achieve your goals and maintain those awesome results for life.
Because every woman is different, with different goals and struggles, every program is also different - personalized, just for you. Whether we do face to face workouts 1 - 4 times/week or you prefer to workout independently, you'll get a program that is safe, effective, efficient and fun!
PLUS, you'll get the accountability, knowledge and the plan you need to keep progressing and get the results you're after. Your success is my top priority.
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