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FREE 5- DAy Strong Core Challenge

April 24 - 28, 2023

Ready to get in shape for Summer?

You only need a few minutes every day.

This 5-Day Strong Core Challenge will help get your muscles working, keep you motivated, and quickly start seeing the results you want.

strong core

This Challenge is for you if you…

  • want to improve your core strength for practical and/or aesthetic reasons
  • are new to exercise or a seasoned fitness buff
  • are returning to exercise due to lack of motivation, an injury or even a surgery
  • have a sedentary job, where you sit a lot
  • have non-specific back pain
  • know your core is not very strong
  • You want to learn exercises you can do at home to help improve your quality of life

Why strengthen the core?

Core strength provides stability to the body during everyday movements and other activities.

A strong core helps reduce lower back pain. 

A strong core helps reduce your chance of injury and future back pain.

A strong core can help improve balance and prevent falls.

Core strength can help mobility.

To feel good in a swimsuit and fit comfortably into our favorite clothing.

To get our shape back: flatten our tummies and see our waistline again.

Here's how it works...

You will receive daily emails with exercise options that target a specific area of the core and information explaining the purpose and importance of those muscles. You will be able to access video demonstrations of each exercise. 
Women have access to Daily accountability & support through our private Facebook community for Women over 45.
At the end of 5 days you will ….
Have a full core workout plan that will improve the strength and endurance of not only your abdominal muscles, but other important muscles that run between the shoulders and hips: front, back and sides. You can keep this and continue working on your own to get the results you want.

Sounds great!

female personal trainer over 60

Hi! I'm Cindy Dobroskay, your host for this challenge. 

I turned 60 this past year! I know the challenges of getting older and not wanting to feel it. I have been involved in helping people improve their health ad fitness most of my adult life. Through my own experiences I know it's easy to get lazy but it's also possible to improve our strength and fitness at any age. Doing simple exercises can make a world of difference in how we look and feel.
Please join me for this 5-day 'Strong Core' challenge, inside my private FB Group - Feel Good Fitness For Women, and I guarantee you will be happier for it!
I’ll be with you every step of the way of this challenge with support, tips, and accountability to keep you motivated. And as a bonus, you’ll get my FREE Strong Core Guide with a full Core Workout Plan so you can benefit by continuing the great exercises you learn during these 5 days.

Cindy is a fitness and nutrition coach who helps 'ageless' women and men lose weight, and improve their health and fitness so they can be truly happy with how they look and feel at every age.

BScHEc, MScPEd, certified Personal Trainer

Are you ready?