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Lose Weight. Re-Gain your Strength, Balance and Energy.

I provide the education, accountability and support you need to stay on track
to reach your goal and enjoy it for life.

Feel confident, energetic and truly happy with how you look and feel

Do you want to lose excess weight and stay strong, despite the influence of aging and changing hormones? You may have tried every diet plan out there, and hate the thought of spending hours in a gym.
Well, good news!
  • You can get back in shape, look and feel great
  • without hours of cardio
  • without another restrictive diet plan!
  • Gyms aren't your thing? No problem.
  • You can do this from the convenience of your own home.
  • Make this the last time you need to lose weight, because we'll make sure you keep it off for good.
It's time to enjoy your life, with the people you love, having the confidence and energy to keep up with the young ones, and have fun on your own, too.
support you need

the support and accountability you need to stop struggling on your own.

Lose the weight and learn how to keep it off for life ... finally!

  • Learning sustainable, healthy ways to feed your body are key to living a long and vibrant life! You'll put these healthy habits into practice and change your life for the better. Forever!
  • A full body workout plan that focuses on your strengths and weaknesses, and led by a personal trainer, will give you the serious results you've been waiting for.
  • Did you know that sleep and stress not only affect your health but your ability to maintain a healthy weight? You'll gain control of that, too.
Success stories

You Can Do It, Too

Believe in yourself ... I Believe in you!

Susan M., 50's, Banker
“After training only a couple of weeks I noticed I was feeling better. I now have less pain and my posture is noticeably improved. I notice my upper body and core are stronger which helps to carry a kayak and go kayaking! The exercises are fun and I never get bored. I am grateful to Cindy for teaching me an exercise routine that works for my specific needs!”
Karen D., 60's, Retired Bookkeeper
"Cindy is very pleasant to work with and has extensive knowledge on human anatomy and physiology as well as healthy eating habits. Her ideas and suggestions on menu planning was great. Being healthy and fit makes me feel better able to deal with life stressors."
Karen lost 16 lbs on the 3 month Weight Loss Kickstart Program and gained some serious strength and mobility.
Kari, 40's, mom of 3 teens

"I've never been able to make changes to how I eat and stick with it before. I have previous injuries that make exercise tricky, but Cindy takes that into account. I like the accountability - I'm so much more consistent with both now."

Kari lost 17 lbs on the 3 month Weight Loss Kickstart Program. 

Success stories

Dianne W. 50's, in -home caregiver

"I was happy with the time and care Cindy took with me as I have such a busy schedule. She helped give me so many food tips that really helped with my energy. Cindy stayed in touch with me throughout the whole process encouraging me each step of the way. I feel I now have the right tools to succeed in reaching my weight loss goals and keeping it off forever. I would recommend Cindy to anyone who needs to lose weight or get in better shape because she is so helpful and knowledgeable on both the physical aspect as well as the nutrition part as well.
Sheila K. 50's, at home mom
I wanted to make regular exercise a part of my routine for better health as I age. I was never really successful at my attempts in the past, partly due to time, and partly just not being able to stick with it. I had no regular plan and no accountability. I didn’t know what to do or how. I found exercise routines overwhelming. 
Cindy's encouragement to challenge myself and the accountability she provides has been significant.
I definitely think having Cindy as a trainer is worth the investment and I would recommend Cindy to anyone wanting to improve their health, fitness or lose weight.
Angel U. 50's, self-employed mom
My goal in working with Cindy was to get help with weight loss. I did lost weight, but more importantly I learned about nutrients that I was lacking in daily eating. Additionally, I learned where excess calories were preventing weight loss.
Cindy gave me great ideas that I continue to use today. An extra bonus is, her Facebook page and private group, where she provides tips for nutrition, exercise, recipes and encouragement. Cindy is very knowledgeable. Thanks Cindy!"

Why am I passionate about helping other women

through fitness and health?

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5 Easy Steps to Weight Loss Without Another Diet

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Is it time to get the help you need?

  • If you are a woman who is struggling to feel good about yourself
    - because your body is not what it was
    - and you know it could be stronger, healthier and more fit,
    - but you haven’t been successful in getting back in the shape you really want to be…
I would love to make it easy for you to start, by providing the plan you need to succeed, and working with you to reach your personal goals.
You can do it, and asking for help when you need it is okay. Really, it is.
I’d be honored to take this journey with you.

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