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Feel confident, energetic and truly happy with how you look and feel 

Do you want to lose excess weight and stay strong, despite the influence of aging and hormones? You can, all in the comfort and convenience of your own home.
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Get the support and accountability that keeps you going when you can't do it yourself. 

Lose the weight and learn how to keep it off for life ... finally!

A full body workout plan that focuses on your strengths and weaknesses, and led by a personal trainer, will give you serious results. 

Learning sustainable, healthy ways to feed your body are key to living a long and vibrant life! You'll put these healthy habits into practice and change your life for the better. Forever!

Did you know that sleep and stress not only affect your health but your ability to maintain a healthy weight? You'll gain control of that, too. 

Learn more about me and why I am passionate about helping other women through fitness and health.

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If you are a woman who is struggling to feel good about yourself
- because your body is not what it was
- and you know it could be stronger, healthier and more fit,
- but you haven’t been successful in getting back in the shape you really want to be…
I would love to make it easy for you to start, by providing the plan you need to succeed, and working with you to reach your personal goals together. You can do it, and asking for help when you need it is okay. Really, it is. And I’d be honored to take this journey with you. 
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You can do it, too

Believe in yourself

Susan M., 58, Banker
“After training only a couple of weeks I noticed I was feeling better. I now feel less pain across the lower back, no more pain in my left rotator cuff, and my posture is noticeably straighter. I have stronger neck muscles and a stronger core. In general, my upper body and arms are stronger which helps to carry a kayak and go kayaking! The exercises are fun and Cindy gives lots of options so I never get bored. I am thrilled about my improvements and grateful to Cindy for teaching me an exercise routine that works for my specific needs. Thank you so much!” Susan
This is me! When I was 49 I decided I was going to put a stop to the steady weight gain I had experienced and get my body back to where I felt good about myself again. Now my passion is helping other women do to same. 
8 months – 20 lbs lost
and feeling great! 

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Skipping for Your Health, Weight Loss and Fitness 

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written by Cindy Dobroskay


With so much information online, how do we know what is right, safe and effective? It's enough to paralyze anyone to a standstill! It doesn't need to be that complicated. 

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Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

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by Cindy Dobroskay

The Key to Weight Loss -

What Goes In Must Come Out, Plus a Little Extra

Calories in - Calories out. It's the basic formula that determines weight maintenance. How do we tip the scale to lose weight without starving ourselves?

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