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skip for health, weight loss and fitness

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Skip for health, weight loss and fitness!
Need to lose some weight? Want to improve your fitness and health? Rope skipping may be your golden ticket! I have a 60+ client with lung issues whose Dr recommended skipping! I think that’s cool! And she loves it and is diligent about doing it. So whatever age you are, maybe it’s something you’d like to try. Here’s why you might.
You can burn twice as many calories skipping as jogging, and between 600 to 1,000 calories an hour (depending on your weight, speed and intensity at which you're jumping). That means you'll burn, at minimum, 10 calories for every minute you can jump. (A 150-pound (68kg) person jumping rope at a slow pace for 10 minutes will burn 105 calories. A 200-pound (90.8kg) person jumping rope at a fast pace for 10 minutes will burn 196 calories).
“Jumping rope might be a dieter's best bet when it comes to cardio. A recent study in Japan found that participants who jumped rope showed greater appetite suppression than those who burned the equivalent number of calories cycling. Not only that, it's one of the most effective ways to improve stamina, agility and balance, making it a favorite exercise among the world's top athletes and trainers. So if you're looking for a serious calorie burn in a seriously short amount of time, skip the gym and start skipping rope.” (Referenced from
To start out, try skipping for just 5 minutes – that will seem long enough if you haven’t done it before. Add additional minutes every day. By the time you hit 20 minutes, you’ll be burning about 200 calories! You can mix a few minutes of skipping with a strength training move and do the interval training thing at high or moderate intensity. It seems like a great option for indoors or out and especially when the snow starts to fly – who wants to jog through the slush, anyway? And after 50, many of us are no longer jogging but skipping is a great, lower impact option. Good shoes and a good rope, and you are ready to go! What do you think?