Revive Health and Fitness

The 28 Day Healthy and Fit  kickstart

(aka Body Transformation Program)

Starts Oct 16, 2022

Kickstart your Weight Loss and Feel Amazing

The 28-Day Healthy and Fit Kickstart gives you clear and focused daily fitness and nutrition coaching to jumpstart your fat loss, keep you motivated and accountable, and quickly start seeing the results you want.

ready for change?

Ready for a change?

A really great change?

If you like the idea of

  • feeling better

  • moving better

  • getting healthier 

  • and feeling younger

then this 28-Day program is FOR YOU!

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This 28-day body transforming program is the Jumpstart you need to experience healthy weight loss with Clean Eating, Daily Movement, and Mindset Coaching

It’s easy to follow and safe and effective, even if you are 50, 60 or better.  You’ll know EXACTLY what to do each day of each WEEK to revive your energy and rediscover the healthy body & happy life you desire (and deserve!)

This is not a “quick fix” to weight loss or a lean, svelt body. 

Programs that promise quick weight loss don’t teach you how to maintain your weight for the long-term or live healthier as you age. I’m all about seeing results! But my first priority is your health, and whether you want to lose weight or gain strength and renewed confidence in your body, there is no pill or potion that will do that safely and sustainably. We will teach you how to lose weight without another restrictive diet plan and WITHOUT Stepping Foot in a Gym… or hours of cardio (unless you like that kind of thing).

here's how it works

You will get weekly fitness, nutrition & mindset coaching support designed FOR YOU to get serious results including:

  • Weekly workout plans to do in under 30 minutes

  • Weekly workout videos to follow along

  • Accountability & support through our private Facebook community

  • Group coaching sessions to help you break through your sticking points and re-gain traction

  • BONUSES: including Weekly meal plans & grocery lists and recipes

  • OPTIONAL Private and personalized coaching sessions that focus on overcoming your struggles and moving you forward 

  • and more!

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    The 28 Day Health and Fit Kickstart begins October 16 and ends just in time to be Rocking the Holidays with Confidence!

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    Are you tired of ‘traditional’ workout programs and diets that leave you hungry? 

    How many pounds have you lost and gained over your lifetime? And it just gets harder and harder each time you try!

    How many times have you started and stopped an exercise program because it was just too hard, not enjoyable, or you just couldn’t stay consistent enough to see the benefits?

     It’s not your fault! It’s not your lack of willpower, or lack of motivation, or anything else you think you’ve lacked. Do you want to know a secret? Most diets and weight loss plans don’t work because they set you up for failure. Why? 

    They are created to give people what they are asking for – quick results.  The biggest problem is that the quick-fix only provides short-term results. It gets people excited and feeling good right away, but then leads to the feelings of defeat and failure when the weight slowly creeps back on again.

    Here’s the problem … 

    Most diets restrict too many calories, or restrict whole food groups, that lead to short term weight loss but mess up your hormones long-term, send your body into starvation-mode, and lacking nutrients you need to thrive. 

    They focus on a strict diet or exercise program, and don’t address all the lifestyle habits and other factors that affect our health and regulation of body fat, like stress and sleep, which only causes more stress and less sleep, trying to keep up with it all.

    YOU DO NOT NEED another ‘quick fix’, even if that’s what you think you want. You also do not need to spend hours in the gym, or to count every calorie or macro you eat. That’s good news, right? By taking your time and doing it ‘right’, you can have long term success and learn to maintain your weight loss forever.

    If what you really want is to:

    • Feel good in your favorite clothes again

    • Feel healthier

    • Have more energy

    • Shed a few pounds

    • Feel in control again

    • Create better habits to live the life you want and deserve

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    Then this 28-day Program is FOR YOU.

    This is the kickstart you need to improve your health and fitness. With 28 days of support and guidance you will learn to implement the healthy habits that will make a real difference in your life. 

    Whatever your age, size or fitness level, you will LOVE starting your NEW health – driven life with simple workouts, nutrition and mindset coaching all done in the privacy of your home while you learn how to transform your health, body and mindset for GOOD.


    Lucy Gerland - Wellness Coach

    Lucy is a Wellness Coach and yoga teacher who works with busy women to help them out of stress and overwhelm and into better health and more energy.
    retired Registered Dietician, certified Personal Trainer

    Cindy Dobroskay - Health and Fitness Coach

    Cindy is a fitness and nutrition coach who helps 'ageless' women and men lose weight, and improve their health and fitness so they can be truly happy with how they look and feel.
    BScHEc, MScPEd, certified Personal Trainer

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